Popular Groupon Coupons 2014

Groupon is the largest online deal shop in India and offers an unprecedented selection of heavily discounted deals (some as much as 95% off the original price) to its Indian customers. It is a simple as logging on to the Groupon website, purchasing the desired bargain and waiting for the printable voucher to be sent via email for redemption by the consumer. It is that easy. Groupon has a worldwide presence and is promoting discounted deals in numerous different countries. Whether it is holiday and travel deals that are required or their extensive variety of electronics, apparel, home decor items, wallets or backpacks, Groupon has a new deal waiting for every consumer at prices way below those found in normal retail environments. All these Groupon deals are available at the click of a button. Groupon has harnessed the collective bargaining power of the public and in doing so is able to offer unparalleled new deals. Groupon joined the Indian market in 2011 and has grown in leaps and bounds since its inception. With the added value of excellent deals and the Groupon discounts, it is clear that this company aims to please.

Groupon – a Simple Idea of Collective Purchasing

Groupon India is a subsidiary of Groupon Inc, which is the largest deal maker and discounter to be found online. Groupon leads the field and at the moment there are no contenders to knock them off their top spot. All the online deals purchased by the public are protected by Secure Socket Layer technology and Comodo is used to authenticate all transactions. Numerous payment options are available to customers and these include Net Banking, a variety of debit and credit cards as well as a COD option. Another facet that Groupon has worked hard at to achieve is their customer service levels that are unparalleled in the market today. These premium customer service levels are constantly monitored to offer the consumer a shopping experience that is a cut above the rest.

Online is Deal Time

This online shop is divided up into three main menus, which are ‘Mysore deals’, ‘Shopping deals’ and ‘Travel deals’. The ‘Mysore deals’ menu offers an array of  deals that are offered at prices never to be found at a retail store or online. Groupon negotiates heavily with its vendors and offers them deals that harness the collective buying power of the public to reduce the price of the deal. The ‘Mysore deals’ menu showcases iPad camera connection kits, microfiber window cleaners, fountain pens, E-Cigarettes to kick the smoking habit, WBA messenger laptop bags, watches and magazine racks, among hundreds of other enticing deals. Each deal is specifically designed to offer the consumer the best possible value for money. Some of the great deals are pictured below.


The ‘Shopping deals’ menu hosts Bluetooth kits, iPad 2 rotating leather cases, mini USB webcam combos, jewellery deals, ethnic suits, sarees, apparel, lingerie, backpacks, storage containers, gloves, paintings, wall clocks, DVDs and electronics that all derive great discounts from the deals presented.

A variety of travel options exist in the ‘Travel deals’ menu to ideal destinations such as Silent Shores Resort & Spa, Acura BMK, Radisson Blu, The Verda and Sun Village.

Cancellations and Returns

Groupon offers the promise that they will do all in their power to completely satisfy customers and every cancellation is handled with the care it deserves. Each return is handled on a case-by-case merit. If the consumer finds that there is something wrong with the deal that they have purchased, Groupon offers a 7-day cancellation period to appease its customers. An email needs to be sent by the customer to the Groupon customer service department alerting them of the intention to cancel and this will start the ball rolling. Vouchers that have been received by the customer cannot be cancelled after they have reached their expiry date.

Redeeming the Groupon Discounts

The first step to benefiting from the amazing deals that are on offer at the Groupon website is to fill your online shopping trolley with all the deals you require. Then move to the payment field of the transaction and punch the coupon into the online field provided and the entire discount amount will automatically be reduced from the purchase total. Finally, fill in the remaining fields of the transaction, wait for your voucher to be sent to you via email and go and enjoy the great deal you have just purchased. Below is an example of checkout for your convenience.

Groupon checkout